lost but found


Oh Lord this day why am I here?

In words full of contentment

I plead to you this day

 gave me hope on this lonely way

to have faith to believe

what my eyes cannot see

What a surprise, my eyes behold

Oh Lord 

you are so full 

of beauty and grace

 Arise you, dry your wet eyes

And behold

He stretches his hand

deep into your soul

Come ye my servant

and sweetly repose

 by Phoebe C.

My Fern

fern1 (2)

As I studied my Fern plant

I’ve concluded that

A great life is not always benefited

By the survival of the fittest

What an interesting plant

That teaches us life lessons

Of how to live & grow

Inspite of our differences and intellectual flow

The Fern is made up of many different varieties

Yet they perfectly cohabit together, all in one place

In fact, all they need besides personal care

Is organically rich soil in order to conserve its beauty

And to produce its fair share

Like all living creatures, special care is necessary

Depending upon that unique variety

And its will to grow

But the need to dominate

Is just tearing us apart

Creating an environment

Unfit to soon be called earth

Getting back to the source

Is perhaps what we all need

We have gone way too far

Trying to feed that desire called greed






Diary of a Lost Girl


Why do you pretend?

To be something you’re not?

Insisting on losing

The uniqueness of your thoughts

It’s costing you, your will to please

Can’t you see?

There’re making a fool

Of all your good deeds

I understand your game

And I feel your pain

But it’s time

You create your own time frame

Beauty tips of the Day…

beautytips_lowres (1)

I Believe


I was told there’s a God

From the time I was born

He’s the everlasting savior

Who was born to save the world?

Without a doubt I believe

I’m convinced it’s true

That he died for you

And now

He’s preparing a place

For all those who choose

Some say, get real it makes no sense

As far as we know it’s all a bunch of mess

How could you believe?

Can’t you see this world is full of hate?

And lack such faith

I’d say, what have you to lose

Though this  world is so confused?

Have faith & wait

And believe he will shine through your face

Put your trust in him

And see

All things unique will come out of thee


iphone 1032

15 years of living in FRANCE has definitely altered my perception of life.

Moving back to the U.S. has been a bit difficult for our family, but we have grown to appreciate our new life. Living in the States has definitely become the better option for us.

As always, there are positive and negative aspects to all cultures, but for the most part, both countries are awesome.

France’s art of dining and  its beautiful architectural landscapes are overpowering.

For this reason, a yearly visit to France has become a way of life for us.

We’re just enjoying the best of both cultures.

What’s not to enjoy! Great foods, wines, cheeses and visits to the South of France, so much to be appreciated… I am thankful.

Thes are just a few of our favorite monuments in Paris

iphone 851iphone 862   iphone 859 iphone 754 iphone 753 iphone 752 iphone 873iphone 849

Good food… Good time…

 iphone 833 iphone 847 iphone 844iphone 938iphone 941iphone 939iphone 942iphone 943iphone 945iphone 944iphone 938iphone 934iphone 932

Visiting friends in Bordeaux, France

iphone 969 iphone 968 iphone 971 iphone 967

Our family Trip to France

Hope you enjoy!